Site Visits

Tree House Consulting On Location

If you bring us out to your location, then we will help you evaluate trees, share ideas for building the tree house, or inspect an existing tree house for safety. A meeting on site and in person is the most expedient way to make the best possible planning decisions for your project.

Consulting Rates and Options

Pricing for site visits depends on the scope of consulting and design work that is packaged into the visit. We will customize a contract for you based on the services that you request and/or we suggest to confidently move your project in the right direction. We consider:

  • Projected Travel Expenses to your location
  • 2 hours to 2 days of time on site to assess your options and discuss them with you.
  • Initial design work with hand drawn sketches prepared in our office.
  • Preparation of a construction contract if that's the direction you're going (most people are, but we're happy to consult for DIYers as well).
  • For DIYers, we can create a comprehensive list of recommended treehouse supplies


For additional tree house consulting services, consider our Virtual Consulting or Contact Tree Top Builders for more information.

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Our Tree House Portfolio has six styles of treehouse projects to choose from. View some of the fantastic builds we have worked on over the years that might fit what you might be looking for!