Joe Salinas - Treehouse Engineer

Joe - Treehouse Engineer

After 25 years in the Army, building treehouses has been a dream for Treehouse Engineer Joe Salinas. He moved to Pennsylvania in 2022 with his wife and five kids to pursue this dream with Tree Top Builders.

Working as the Operations Manager for Tree Top Builders allows me to combine all my skills and passions. I love designing and creating structures that inspire wonder and a sense of adventure. Additionally, I am intrigued by the engineering challenges involved in developing safe, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing methods of connecting live trees to their structures.

At TTB, we constantly design, test, and improve treehouse hardware and building techniques to deliver high-quality results. Designing and building treehouses is an especially interactive experience for our clients, who we obviously work with closely. From conceptual design to the "final reveal," we thoroughly enjoy including our customers in the design process.

However, I enjoy working with clients and their permitting offices to translate treehouse building technology into terms that accurately represent the amazing things we can do. Whether a TTB custom job or supporting DIY efforts, I want to help our clients get safely up in trees!

Nevertheless, I take pride in delivering an excellent customer experience and enabling my incredible carpenters/support personnel to build the best treehouses.


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