Treehouse Resources

Treehouse Resources

Here's a list of website resources that may interest you as you explore options for building your treehouse. Some of them are companies we do business with, and others are simply our friends.

Treehouse Suppliers

These are some of Tree Top Builder's regular suppliers of treehouse materials:
  • Treehouse Supplies is our exclusive source for treehouse fasteners & hardware. They also have treehouse plans, zip line materials, and accessories for sale.
  • West Coast Netting is a good source for netting and rope products for bridges, tunnels, and net style platforms.
  • Peak Trading is our main supplier of aircraft cable, large eyebolts, and other hardware & materials tailored to the arborist and challenge course industries.
  • American Arborist is a good source of all arborist supplies and knowledge. Dave & crew are ready to supply any arborist hardware, tools, pulleys, ropes, and safety equiptment that you need to build your treehouse. They have a nice showroom in West Chester, PA.
  • Larry Ribbecke is a craftsman of Vermont Stained Glass and has put stained glass in a few tree houses. His main line of work is churches, but this artist can make anything you like out of lead & glass.

Other Treehouse Builders

If you are far, far away from West Chester, PA, and want a local person to build your treehouse, here are some other builders in different areas:
  • Elevated Living - Portland Treehouse Builder who has a suspended treehouse design for single tree platforms
  • Fine Treehouse Building - San Francisco Bay Area
  • Casitas En Arboles - Eduardo attended one of our Pennsylvania Workshops and is now building treehouses professionally in Spain!

Treehouse Partners

These are some of our friends and related businesses in the treehouse realm:
  • Joe Fisher is an electrician and Carpenter in Chester County who helps Tree Top Builders with treehouse wiring. He does all manner of carpentry, electrical, and plumbing work in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Marketing Practicality, a small business marketing company, has helped us with our website over the years.
  • Builder Category - Browse home builder and real estate business solutions.

Zip Line Partners

These are some of our friends and related businesses in the zip line and canopy tour realm:


Our Tree House Portfolio has six styles of treehouse projects to choose from. View some of the fantastic builds we have worked on over the years that might fit what you might be looking for!