Treehouse in Narberth Pennsylvania

Treehouse #B8 - Narberth Pennsylvania

Treehouse #B8 - Narberth Pennsylvania

This treehouse was started by another contractor, but after spending a lot of money, not getting very far, and having the township issue stop work orders, we were called in to the rescue. The major issue was that in Narberth, at that time, treehouses that had ground support needed permits, and so we had to tear down what was there and suspend the treehouse with cables. The ladder touches the ground, but is not structural. We finished it out with some red cedar boards, some electricity for lights & accessories, and a few fun options for the kids. Treehouses can be built in the suburbs as well as out in the country.

Treehouse #B8 - Narberth Pennsylvania

How Much Does this Tree House Cost?

While treehouse costs vary greatly and each project is unique, we understand your need to have some idea what each project in our portfolio would cost to build. Please see our tree house pricing page for a description of the factors that go into each quote. Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether your project would fall on the high end or low end of this range.


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