Pavilion Treehouse

Commercial Treehouse Design Process:

Built at our sister location, Treehouse World, the Pavilion Treehouse is the perfect outdoor addition to any space looking to up its alternative seating ideas. Built around two trees, this build is the perfect setting for outdoor meetings or even company lunches and get together. With plenty of seating, anyone can enjoy this outdoor building for various occasions.

How Much Does the Pavilion Treehouse?

While treehouse costs vary greatly and each project is unique, we understand your need to have some idea of what each project in our portfolio would cost to build. Someone from our amazing sales team would love to help answer any of your questions and help you start making the first steps to owning your treehouse! Please click this link to our contact form and one of our sales members will follow up with you!


Discover Endless Possibilities

Our Tree House Portfolio has six styles of treehouse projects to choose from. View some of the fantastic builds we have worked on over the years that might fit what you might be looking for!