New Treehouse Design Package Options

New Treehouse Design Package Options

Treehouse Design Process

These Silver, Gold, and Platinum treehouse design options are intended to help you think about what your expectations are for working with us. We don't need you to pay for engineering costs unless you want or need to for permitting or your own peace of mind. However, most of our projects do begin with site visits which are a modest investment to help raise our preparedness to design and build your project the right way the first time. In some cases, however, we can provide a free estimate to build a basic treehouse with photos and measurements that you email to us. If you then want simple design services such as plans or drawings without a design package, then we can provide them at our standard design rates. We are happy to give free estimates, just not free custom treehouse designs, and I hope you can appreciate the difference. If you are interested in more than just a basic backyard treehouse project, then it is usually well worth the investment to have our designer meet with you on site, take all factors into consideration, and avoid several common pitfalls from skipping the site visit such as unknown tree health issues or failing to consider consider a better site. When arriving on site for the first time to start construction, we often realize that clients have had to pay more money than expected for various reasons. If we discover that a tree is hollow and we have to move the project, exchange lumber, rush shipping of new parts, pay rush fees at fabrication shops, etc... then it can make a site visit look cheap. Other issues can arise from the lack of preparedness such as over packing, over shipping, and over ordering because we have uncertainty about what will be needed, so we always recommend site visits unless the project is very simple and basic and you have an arborist check out the tree first. Please call our design team if you aren't sure how to proceed.

Design Table Notes

*Design Package Pricing includes travel expenses. Actual Prices vary based on distance from West Chester, PA. Price ranges given are typical for most locations in the continental USA. Travel to other locations possible at prices that cover our time & expenses. Prices include average airfare rates, so rushing an appointment may involve higher costs. Prices listed are per treehouse. However, we offer significant discounts on design services when site visits and the design process for multiple treehouses are combined. Please contact us for details. **Our Engineer has a license to seal designs in some states. In all other states, additional fees may apply or a local engineer may have to apply their seal to the work our engineer prepares.


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