Distance Consulting

Distance Consulting Services

Tree House Consulting by phone or email

When the distance is great and/or the budget for the tree house is small, we can help you from our office. We will ask for:

  • photos of your trees from different angles.
  • measurements of the trees - see our layout page.
  • a brief description of how much help you want.


Other Pre-Construction Costs:

Depending on your specific situation and goals, you may want to proceed with designing a tree house or bringing others in for more information. Most designers, engineers, and consulting arborists will charge $100 to $275 per hour. All of these steps are not always necessary, and we will help explain the risks & benefits of each.

For additional tree house consulting options, visit our On-Site Consulting page or Contact Us to make an appointment and begin.

Request a Consultation with Our Tree House Design Experts


Our Tree House Portfolio has six styles of treehouse projects to choose from. View some of the fantastic builds we have worked on over the years that might fit what you might be looking for!