Glulam by Kalesnikoff

The Use of Glulams in Building Treehouses

From the Ground Up

One of the most exciting challenges of treehouse design is finding ways to build large structures supported by trees. While sometimes necessary, incorporating posts to the ground can affect a treehouse's aesthetic appeal, limit "play space" beneath the treehouse, and even run the risk of damaging a tree's root system. Nonetheless, Tree Top Builders strives to minimize the use of ground support posts in all of its design/build projects.

Implementing Glulams Into Our Builds

Using engineered glue-laminated structural timbers, or "glulams," greatly assists us in this goal. Glulams can be manufactured in various ways, allowing us to engineer and build two-story treehouses without intermediate support. TTB custom-designed brackets and gusset plates can also allow us to connect glulams and trees in various configurations. Additionally, these brackets and plates can be tailored to the structural requirements of each unique build.

Our Collaboration With Treehouse Supplies

We have recently begun manufacturing composite beams in-house, purchased through local hardware suppliers, up to 20 feet. These composite beams are also compatible with the same brackets and gusset plates used in our glulam elements. These elements are available from Treehouse Supplies, along with instructions on making these beams yourself.

Your Treehouse Can Be a Part of The Future

Glulams are changing the world of treehouse design. Supporting larger treehouses has never been easier, and now your dream treehouse can be brought to life. The treehouse of your dreams is possible with Tree Top Builders by your side! Visit our contact page today or email us at for more information.

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