Tree Top BuildersHow Much do Treehouses Cost?

How Much do Treehouses Cost?

For many of you dreaming of your own custom treehouse, you just want an idea of what they cost. And I get it - why put yourself on a salesperson's radar before you have to. We're actually a very low pressure company and don't pester our prospects at all, but I understand where you are coming from and that you just want an idea of the cost before you start an inquiry. Fair enough. So... without any further introductions:


Treehouse Cost Piggy Bank
How Much Will My Treehouse Cost?


What Influences the Cost of a Treehouse?

We created this tool to help you get a rough idea what it costs for us to build a custom treehouse project for you. Of course, it is not possible for us to offer exact pricing quotes without knowing something about the trees we're working in and the specific material choices and other specifications that will make the treehouse perfect for you. There are many pricing variables for treehouses, but this estimation cost calculator takes the major ones into account and will help you have a rough idea up front. Then, when you are ready to talk with us about starting the design process, you will be more prepared to ask for the features that matter most to you, at a price that you are more prepared for.


What to do After Getting Your Treehouse Cost Estimate...

One last note: After getting the cost estimate for your treehouse, I still suggest planning ahead and contacting us early in the process. Sometimes, especially during late spring and early summer, we are booked for months ahead. Ideally, we like to perfect the design and agree to a contract early, and then be able to plan ahead to build the treehouse at a mutually convenient time. Last minute requests for treehouses can not always be fulfilled, and when they can, they sometimes lead to higher prices due to rushed shipping and overtime labor costs.


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