Clinton Corners New York Treehouse

Treehouse #A13 - Clinton Corner's New York tree top builders

Treehouse #A13 - Clinton Corner's New York


When the girls and boys absolutely have to have their own treehouse, we like to still have them connected in some way. Let's face it, there are times when they like to share and play together. They also like to have their own space.

The platforms are mostly all ground supported because these maple trees had various structural issues and we thought it best to excavate post holes carefully with an air spade so as to minimize any interference with the trees. We used mahogany for the decking & railings and rustic live edge cedar for the siding. We had a midsummer deadline for this project which is generally a difficult thing, but we got some help from Matthew, a carpenter friend, to help us stay on schedule. We know good builders in several different cities who we can often call upon for help.

How Much Does this Tree House Cost?

While treehouse costs vary greatly and each project is unique, we understand your need to have some idea what each project in our portfolio would cost to build. Please see our tree house pricing page for a description of the factors that go into each quote. This tree house as shown would cost between $65000 and $90000. Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether your project would fall on the high end or low end of this range.


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