6 - New Jersey Treehouse


About This Crow's Nest Treehouse

The design challenge of this Crow's nest treehouse was to make it fit in with the well-landscaped pool area, tie it into an existing play structure, and provide multiple destinations for kids to run to. I think we did it! The challenging climb up into the crow's nest rewards you with a view around the whole yard and commanding water balloon battle positions over the bridges. And Mom and Dad can easily oversee it all from their poolside chairs.

How Much Does the 6 - New Jersey Treehouse Cost?

While Crow's nest treehouse costs vary greatly and each project is unique, we understand your need to have some idea of what each project in our portfolio would cost to build. Someone from our amazing sales team would love to help answer any of your questions and help you start making the first steps to owning your treehouse! Please click this link to our contact form and one of our sales members will follow up with you!

  • Treehouse Landscaping

    A well built custom tree house enhances the natural beauty and compliments the landscaping of a valuable property.

  • Tree Platform Supports

    When it comes to attaching to the trees, we only use hardware that is custom manufactured to our own stringent specifications. We need to minimize tree impact and maximize strength.

  • View from Crow's Nest

    High in the tree canopy, the crow's nest affords a commanding view of the ground below. We put taller than normal railings on this crow's nest to keep people safer.

  • Bridge to Tree Platform

    This is the bridge viewed from the back door of the treehouse. The crow's nest is visible above the open platform as you walk across the bridge.

  • Wood Paneling Inside

    Tounge-and-groove softwood boards such as pine or poplar can be used to give your treehouse interior a finished look, and help to insulate it from the elements.