Recent Build Spotlight: The Walters Treehouse

At Tree Top Builders, we are proud of every treehouse we build. From our basic local builds to our more advanced rental-style treehouses, as well as our public space commercial projects, we cherish every opportunity given to us by our fabulous customers. We will be featuring some of our favorite builds to show the creativity put into each build by our carpenters. First on our list of favorites is one of our most recent builds, The Walters Treehouse!


The Walters Treehouse, built in 2022, is our take on our traditional build with a bit of a twist. Created in Chester County, the project was built within a few short days. Nestled between two trees, the building is a square model with two decks on either side. The project also has a swing attachment below it and a ship's ladder to get up and down. One of our favorite additions to this treehouse was the duel decks. This addition allows family and friends to enjoy the firepit from high in the trees and on the ground.

The possibilities and options are endless with a treehouse from Tree Top Builders. Servicing both near and far, we are ready to help make your dreams come true. Call us at 610-696-1066 or email us at to talk to our staff about building your treehouse today!

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