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Why we Build Tree Houses

Top 7 Reasons People Build Tree Houses

1.Tree Houses are Escapes from the “Normal.” To many, the appeal of tree houses is that you don't see them every day. True tree houses, that is, structures supported by trees or built closely around them, are less common than pools, boats, play sets, gazebos, or fancy flower beds. Many who build tree houses are simply seeking something different from what everyone else has.

2. Nicely Finished Tree Houses Expand the Borders of the Home. Some tree houses are connected to a ground house by a bridge or stairway from a deck. But even if it's a short walk down a wooded path, tree houses practically extend the use of the home. As guest rooms, tree houses are unmatched in novelty. As a result, as bed & breakfast units, they generate higher than average rental rates. Well built tree houses can have all modern comforts of ground houses and some tree houses are even built as permanent homes.

3. Tree Houses are Iconic Imaginative Places. You don't have to look far into kids culture to find tree houses. Cartoon and book characters have disproportionately more tree houses than the average real kids who want to be like them. Tree Houses are homes for Ewoks, and Elves if your imagination takes you into the world of fiction.

4. Tree Houses get the Kids out of the House Most tree houses are kids tree houses, and many parents build aerial retreats to get the kids outside in the fresh air rather than in front of the computer or television. Active play is good for kids of all ages. Tree houses, with their climbing features, swings, zip lines, and places to play and hide definetely fall into the category of “active play.”

5. Playsets are not as cool as Tree Houses. Playsets may call themselves “tree houses,” but they have a completely different function and appearance. Playsets are typically only 4-6 feet high, have notoriously small square footage (to make them cheaper) and kids grow out of the plastic slides and small features by age 9 if not earlier. Tree Houses, on the other hand, can be built to appeal to the whole family.

6.Tree Houses make Fantastic Gifts or Special Rewards. Many Tree Houses are birthday or holiday gifts. Sometimes grandparents build tree houses to make their yards more fun for the grandkids. The most popular time to build tree houses is the beginning of summer, which is where graduation events coincide with outdoor weather.

7.We all Innately Want to Build Tree Houses! The desire to build tree houses comes from our instinct to create our own space. As small children, we love to hide under blankets. Next, we are moving furniture around to make walls. Before long, we are grabbing hammers and nails to start building tree houses. Why fight nature? Come on, you know you want to! Now it's your turn: Not that the above aren't sufficient, but what other reasons can you all think of for building tree houses?

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