Tree Top BuildersFinally Time for a Treehouse Builders Association?

Finally Time for a Treehouse Builders Association?

Many of us professional treehouse builders have long agreed that there could be some benefit to forming an association where we would collaborate on construction ideas and help lend credibility to treehouse builders everywhere. There is currently a movement instigated by Kevin Mooney of Ohio to organize a formal association. I have already pledged my support, but it's in the very early stages. More on that to follow over the next year as board members are selected and agendas are set.

One thing remains clear to all involved: starting an association isn't something you do with a few colleagues over a few weeks. It's a major endeavor that is a full time job to do it right. The time & effort going into the association has to be done by people who have professional goals that can be furthered by contributing the time that it takes to run it. Otherwise, it's not worth it. What it looks like is that the organization will focus on commercial treehouses. Makes sense, right? Commercial outfits like canopy tour operators and people renting out treehouses overnight are the ones who will make the time & money to make this happen. This observer and participant is concerned about the majority of others who just want to build a non-commercial treehouse. I want to be sure that the organization remains helpful and meaningful to them. If it does not, then I have my doubts whether the association will be relevant. After all, a treehouse association that is solely concerned about corporate interests has missed the whole point of a treehouse.

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